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    3 reasons to focus on your email strategy in 2020

    by James Holloway Partnership Director

    Even in 2020, email remains a misunderstood medium for keeping in touch with clients and would-be customers. Perhaps companies still feel stung by the way email marketing was abused in the early days of mass internet, but modern email strategies are focused, opt-in, measurable and highly effective ways of talking directly to those who would buy your products and services. Here are our top three reasons why you should focus on your email strategy.

    1.Everything is trackable

    Sending out an email isn’t the end of your marketing push – it’s the beginning. Because you can tie your email directly to tracking on your website, you can see exactly what kind of behaviour the email drove.

    In practical terms, that means that an email with multiple links in it (for example to different products) can be analysed to see which links were the most clicked, and which of the clicked ones led more often to a sale or other conversion (more clicks doesn’t always mean higher sales). Once you’ve analysed the results of each email or campaign, you can feed that information back to designers, copywriters and marketers, as you’ll have more intelligence about your customers.

    2.You can target specific segments

    It’s easy to set up groups within an email database so that you can target certain people – and only those people – to receive messages on specific subjects.

    The last thing you want is for people to unsubscribe, so you want to be sending the bare minimum of emails to reach your target. By giving each recipient in your email database a detailed profile, you can include them on certain lists that are appropriate to them. Technical staff don’t get inundated with sales emails, and sales teams don’t get emails about software updates. As long as people feel that being on a list might be useful at some point in the future, they’ll generally stick around. Once they feel they’re being spammed, they’re off.

    3.There’s a human touch

    Everybody likes to be spoken to like a human, and with email you’ve got the opportunity to talk like one. Your tone of voice is critically important when you’re reaching out to customers, and because there’s no limit to the length and layout of an email, you can meet customer expectations perfectly.

    Some markets, for example over-60s holiday customers, like a gentle introduction, some scene-setting and then being guided round a product and being gently nudged towards finding out more.

    In other contexts, such as when you’re telling people that a product that they’ve bought before is on special offer, you can just shout your message leave it at that. It’s relatively unobtrusive, easily understandable and highly effective.

    Let us set up your HTML email system

    We’re experts in coding HTML emails that are readable by all email clients, apps and browser-based email solutions. We can easily incorporate tracking and templates to let you send out consistent emails whose every interaction can be measured. Now you know some of the benefits of email marketing, why not get in touch?