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    Do you work under NDA?

    Yes we work under-strict confidentiality – we are happy to sign your NDA or we can send you our NDA template. Your client will never know we worked with you unless you want them to.

    Will you tell anyone about our partnership?

    No, we will never mention that we work with you unless you specifically tell us we can. The first rule of Fight Club Gooey: you do not talk about Fight Club Gooey.

    Who owns the final code?

    You do. On project completion we will send you all the files including src files (i.e. Gulp file, SCSS) so you have complete ownership and are 100% in control of the final product.

    What are your rates?

    We work to fixed costs, so when you send us the final assets/designs we will give you a fixed cost and timings. Read more about our rates here.