We are a white-label digital agency based in Manchester, UK.

Gooey work as a freelance development team for agencies across the UK and internationally, on both large and small projects of all budgets.

The majority of our work is WordPress, Magento, front-end and HTML email development.

We work under strict NDA's and have a team of 17, all based at our Manchester HQ.

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Our Team

We currently have a team of 15, all based in our Manchester HQ.

  • Dominic Hill

    Technical Director

  • Sean Thornley

    Account Director

  • Chris Davis

    Account Manager

  • Courtney Busuttil

    Finance Manager

  • James Holloway

    Magento Developer

  • Andy Tebbot

    WordPress Developer

  • Matt Royce

    PHP Developer

  • Rocky Macnally

    WordPress Developer

  • Frank Parent

    JS Developer

  • Alex Pamphilon

    WordPress Developer

  • Jonny Noble

    WordPress Developer

  • Abdul Bahri

    WordPress Developer

  • Alastair Shone

    WordPress Developer

  • James Street

    Email Developer

  • Jasper Kean

    Email Developer


We love WordPress, and have been working with the platform since it's inception. We develop custom themes and plugins, all wrapped in beautiful HTML5, styled with stunning CSS3, and hand coded with care.

If you have a WordPress project you’d like to discuss with us, contact us on 0161 237 3114 or email


Magento is both robust and flexible and is our 1st choice ecommerce platform. We develop custom themes, extensions and integrate Magento into in-house account/stock software.

If you have a Magento project you’d like to discuss with us, contact us on 0161 237 3114 or email

Strict NDA's

Before we do any work for an agency, we will supply you with a signed NDA which is for your protection – it is a legal document which prevents us from talking about, showing or even acknowledging projects or our working relationship.