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    WordPress Contractors / Freelancers

    We can send one of our WordPress developers to your agency, on-site, for as little or as long as you need them.

    WordPress Contractors

    Working on-site within your team

    Most of the work we undertake is from our Manchester HQ, however some agencies prefer our developers to work on-site at their office.

    We can accommodate this and our developers have worked all over the UK, integrating into your team seamlessly.

    Whilst working on-site, our developers still have the full support of our team back at our Manchester HQ, and we can send developers out for as long or as little as you need them – our developers have worked on site for as little as 1 day, and as long as 6 months – whatever you require.

    For long-term on-site developers, we can offer generous discounts on our daily rate – just ask!

    Our Team

    We understand the importance of a great team...

    which is the reason we have some of the best talent in Manchester working for us!

    • James Holloway

      Agency Partnership Director

      James Holloway

    • Iain Thomson

      Head of Projects

      Iain Thomson

    • Kishan Kotecha

      Head of Sales

      Kishan Kotecha

    • Billy Sunderland

      Agency Partnership Executive

      Billy Sunderland

    • Stacy Parr

      Finance Manager

      Stacy Parr

    • Lewis Reeves

      QA & Testing

      Lewis Reeves

    • Andrew Tebbott


      Andrew Tebbott

    • Rocky Macnally


      Rocky Macnally

    • Clare McKenzie


      Clare McKenzie

    • Bradley Massey


      Bradley Massey

    • George Robertson


      George Robertson

    • Adam Willis


      Adam Willis

    • Michael Brown


      Michael Brown

    • Ben Dorsett


      Ben Dorsett

    • Daniel Bancroft


      Daniel Bancroft

    • Chris Bloomfield


      Chris Bloomfield

    • Alex Knight


      Alex Knight

    • Matt Brooking


      Matt Brooking

    • Jamie Moore


      Jamie Moore

    • Eddie

      Office Pest