Magento Development Manchester

Why hire one Magento freelancer when you can have a full team of Magento developers!

Magento is a powerful and feature-rich ecommerce system and Gooey's platform of choice.

We have been developing online shops with Magento for many years and our experienced developers build both bespoke Magento themes and Magento extensions, and we can also integrate Magento with stock management and accounting software.

We work with a number agencies on their Magento development needs, whether it be both the frontend and Magento theme build, or taking the agencies HTML and converting it to a Magento theme.

Some of Magento projects we undertake include:

  • - Magento theme development
  • - Magento extension development
  • - Magento integration

All of our Magento developers are based in our Manchester HQ.

If you would like any further information about our Magento services, our day rates and/or information about our NDA, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0161 237 3114 or email

Our Team

We currently have a team of 17, all based in our Manchester HQ.

  • Dominic Hill

    Technical Director

  • Sean Thornley

    Account Director

  • Leigh Rostron

    Account Manager

  • William Bushell

    Account Manager

  • Courtney Busuttil

    Finance Manager

  • James Holloway

    Magento Developer

  • Andy Tebbot

    WordPress Developer

  • Matt Royce

    PHP Developer

  • Rocky Macnally

    WordPress Developer

  • Frank Parent

    JS Developer

  • Alex Pamphilon

    WordPress Developer

  • Jonny Noble

    WordPress Developer

  • Abdul Bahri

    WordPress Developer

  • Alastair Shone

    WordPress Developer

  • Michael James

    WordPress Developer

  • James Street

    Email Developer

  • Jasper Kean

    Email Developer

  • Eric

    Office Mascot