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Gooey work under strict NDA's so we can't show our work on this website.

Some of our agency friends allow us to show work we have done for them on a one-on-one basis, so please contact us on either 0161 237 3114 or email hello@abitgooey.com if you’re interested in seeing some of the projects we’ve previously worked on.

We can also show you some of the work from our ‘client-side days’, including brands we have previously worked direct with, such as: Henleys Clothing, Dirt Devil, Universal and Bruntwood.

Gooey can also supply you with a list of agency references on request.

If you would like any further information about Gooey, our day rates and/or information about our NDA, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0161 237 3114 or email hello@abitgooey.com.

Some of the projects we undertake on behalf of agencies include:

  • » HTML5 front end build
  • » Responsive HTML5 build
  • » HTML email build
  • » WordPress (themes and custom)
  • » Magento (themes and extensions)
  • » IOS and JAVA development
  • » Phone Gap development

Strict NDA's

Before we do any work for an agency, we will supply you with a signed NDA which is for your protection – it is a legal document which prevents us from talking about, showing or even acknowledging projects or our working relationship.


WordPress Developer
We are currently looking for a WordPress developer with a fluent understanding of WordPress theme building and plugin development…read more


Gooey HQ
Duplex 5
Ducie House
Ducie Street
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Tel: 0161 237 3114