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    HTML Email Coding Agency

    Gooey is an HTML email coding agency based in Manchester UK. We can code your HTML emails quickly, fully-tested, at a low cost and discreetly under NDA. Call us on +44 (0)161 398 0303 or email

    Your trusted partner

    Trusted by 000's of agencies all over the world

    They are really easy to work with and their implementation of the designs were excellent. Their communications and feedback channels were very useful and they were quick to respond to any queries.

    Eamonn Rohan – McCann

    They provided a first class service from start to finish, and their expert knowledge and creative input were a priceless to our project. The end result was an outstanding site, rock solid coding and a super-intuitive user experience that exceeded expectations.

    Charlie Bagley – Clarioncomms

    100% recommend Gooey, they’re super professional, fast and reliable. Will definitely be using them again.

    Alex Newmann – Ignis

    I always receive fantastic service from the team at Gooey. Their communication is crisp and their delivery timeous. Will continue to work with them.

    Andrew McLelland – Silver

    Gooey understand our project needs with very little explanation and their technical expertise, speed of development, and ease of working with are top-level. We couldn’t recommend them more highly.

    Robert Eades – Fresh

    We’ve used Gooey countless times, for a range of small – large projects. We are always confident leaving any kind of project in Gooey’s capable hands, knowing the work will be of high quality, coupled with an outstanding delivery/service.

    Ross Day – Grapple

    Have used the chaps at Gooey for numerous email builds. They have been unfailingly efficient, thorough, helpful and fast. At times, we’ve had emails turned around within a working day.

    Frank Fenton – Dinosaur

    Very good company. Great work at a great price.

    Nial Chapman – Blue2 Digital

    Great, attentive service from start to finish. Project was turned around quickly and exactly to specification. Would highly recommend.

    Linzi Hunter – Run2

    Gooey has been amazing. Highly skilled and super-quick with the communications. Their work is pixel perfect, their service is personal, friendly, fast and incredibly patient!

    Ryo Obata – Hamell Communications

    We enjoyed working with Gooey and would highly recommend them. Their professional and friendly client services, timely delivery and quality of their work speak for themselves.

    Maja Fulconis – Kota Creative

    Working with Gooey is a no-brainer for us. They provide the flexibility to scale our development capacity when we need to, without the headache of managing multiple freelancers. The communication throughout each project and quality of work is brilliant. They are a great team that we can rely on when we need them – highly recommended!

    Sam Morrison – Nicepond

    They’re always in touch throughout the development phase, offering advice we would not have previously considered. The whole process takes very little time and the regular communication gives us peace of mind that our jobs are always delivered on time and to budget.

    Stephen Delaney – The Backroom Agency

    We have collaborated with Gooey on a number of projects over the last 5 years and we have always been pleased with their professionalism and the quality of your work. Looking forward to working together on future projects.

    Iain Brewster – Westside London

    Over the past 3+ years, we have always been impressed with Gooey’s capability and level of professionalism, particularly in relation to complex requirements within a brief, which are handled with recommendations and guidance to find a suitable resolution.

    Lauren Satterthwaite – Enigma Marketing

    I’ve worked with Dom a fair bit over the last 12 months – great guy and great team. Highly recommended for anyone needing white-label digi support!​

    Chris Rushbrooke – Northern Bear

    What we do

    Low cost, high quality and quick turnaround

    We work as an outsource partner for many of the UK’s leading agencies as their preferred HTML coding partner, producing emails for all the major mailers and tested to work seamless across all email clients.

    For each and every order we go through a quality assurance process which includes detailed testing on different email clients, operating systems and devices. We test and show you screenshots of how your email looks across 40 email clients and mobile devices.

    We can also send sample emails we have coded on request.

    Why choose us

    We've been coding emails since 2009, and we're darn good at it too!

    • Hand coded from scratch
    • Best practice coding methods
    • NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)
    • No questions asked refunds
    • Commented markup
    • Fast turn-around
    • Tested with over 40 email clients
    • Test link with previews supplied
    • Low costs and we work to budgets
    • Discounts on bulk emails
    • No hidden fees
    • Pixel perfect build
    • Fully responsive
    • UK based team of developers
    • Fully integrated into your mailer

    Tested with Vigour

    Across 40+ different devices and clients

    Mobile Clients

    • iPad Air - (iOS 10)
    • iPad Air - (iOS 11)
    • iPad Mini - (iOS 10)
    • iPad Mini - (iOS 11)
    • iPad Pro (10.5-inch) - (iOS 11)
    • iPad Pro (12.5-inch) - (iOS 10)
    • iPad Pro (12.5-inch) - (iOS 11)
    • iPad Retina - (iOS 10)
    • iPad Retina - (iOS 11)
    • iPhone X - (iOS 10)
    • iPhone X - (iOS 11)
    • iPhone XR - (iOS 13)
    • iPhone XS - (iOS 13)
    • iPhone XSMax - (iOS 13)
    • iPhone 5S - (iOS 11)
    • iPhone 6 Gmail - (iOS 10)
    • iPhone 6+ Gmail - (iOS 10)
    • iPhone 7 - (iOS 11)
    • iPhone 7 - (iOS 12)
    • iPhone 7 Outlook - (iOS 11)
    • iPhone 7+ - (iOS 11)
    • iPhone 7+ - (iOS 12)
    • iPhone 8 - (iOS 11)
    • iPhone 8 - (iOS 12)
    • iPhone 8 - (iOS 13)
    • iPhone 8+ - (iOS 11)
    • iPhone 8+ - (iOS 12)
    • iPhone 8+ - (iOS 13)
    • iPhone SE - (iOS 11)
    • iPhone SE - (iOS 12)
    • Pixel Gmail - Android 6
    • Pixel Gmail - Android 7
    • Pixel Gmail - Android 8
    • Samsung Mail - Android 7

    Desktop Clients

    • Apple Mail 10 - OSX 10.10
    • Apple Mail 11 - OSX 10.11
    • Lotus Notes 8.5 - Windows 7
    • Outlook 2003 - Windows 7
    • Outlook 2007 - Windows 7
    • Outlook 2010 - Windows 7
    • Outlook 2010 (120dpi) - Windows 7
    • Outlook 2011 - OSX 10.8
    • Outlook 2013 - Windows 7
    • Outlook 2013 (120dpi) - Windows 7
    • Outlook 2016 - OSX 10.8
    • Outlook 2016 - Windows 7
    • Outlook 2016 - Windows 10
    • Outlook 2016 (120dpi) - Windows 10
    • Outlook 2019 - Windows 10
    • Outlook 2019 (120dpi) - Windows 10
    • Thunderbird - Windows 7

    Web Clients

    • AOL -
    • BOL -
    • Comcast -
    • -
    • -
    • Gmail -
    • Google Apps -
    • -
    • Office 365 -
    • -
    • -
    • Telstra/BigPond -
    • Yahoo! -

    Meet the team

    Our talented individuals

    • James Holloway

      Agency Partnership Director

      James Holloway

    • Iain Thomson

      Head of Projects

      Iain Thomson

    • Kishan Kotecha

      Head of Sales

      Kishan Kotecha

    • Billy Sunderland

      Agency Partnership Executive

      Billy Sunderland

    • Stacy Parr

      Finance Manager

      Stacy Parr

    • Lewis Reeves

      QA & Testing

      Lewis Reeves

    • Andrew Tebbott


      Andrew Tebbott

    • Rocky Macnally


      Rocky Macnally

    • Clare McKenzie


      Clare McKenzie

    • Bradley Massey


      Bradley Massey

    • George Robertson


      George Robertson

    • Adam Willis


      Adam Willis

    • Michael Brown


      Michael Brown

    • Ben Dorsett


      Ben Dorsett

    • Daniel Bancroft


      Daniel Bancroft

    • Chris Bloomfield


      Chris Bloomfield

    • Alex Knight


      Alex Knight

    • Matt Brooking


      Matt Brooking

    • Jamie Moore


      Jamie Moore

    • Eddie

      Office Pest


    Gooey HQ

    A little bit about Gooey...

    All of our team and developers are based in Manchester, UK.

    Gooey HQ
    Gooey HQ

    HTML Emails

    HTML Email Coding Agency

    Gooey are a HTML email coding agency and work as a preferred partner with agencies on their email coding requirements. As a white label agency, we offer high-quality HTML email coding services to agencies looking to outsource. There can be many reasons for outsourcing such as not having the skills or resources available for email coding within your company. Choosing to use an email coding agency tends to be more efficient than hiring in-house, particularly if workload tends to vary month to month.

    We have a diverse team with ranging skills and experience. Our email coding team are very familiar with agency life and are used to working to fast turnarounds. As a white label agency, we value discretion highly and will always take steps to make sure your relationship with us remains under wraps. We work under strict NDAs and, once completed and signed off, the email code will be entirely yours.

    All of our coded emails are thoroughly tested using Litmus or Email on Acid, so that your email code displays seamlessly across all email clients, and manually tested on various devices. Unlike with freelancers, we will never have unexpected absences, and we aren’t going anywhere so you can come back any time for follow ups or support.

    Html email coding can be tricky… so leave it to our experts.

    Try us risk free

    100% money back guarantee

    If you are not happy with our email coding service we will give you a full refund, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

    Email Coding FAQs

    • Why outsource email coding?

      Email is undoubtedly an effective marketing tool for those looking to increase brand awareness and generate leads, however HTML email coding is a particular skill that you may not have available in-house. Outsourcing your email development to a coding agency can be a more efficient option than hiring in-house or using a freelancer.

    • What do you need from us?

      Just send us your design file in any format (PSD, PNG, high-quality PDF), and our expert email coding team will bring it to life. If you need design help, let us know in the initial order so we can factor that into costs and timings.

    • What do you test your code in?

      We test all of our email code in over 40 email clients using a combination of Litmus and manual testing to ensure that your code looks seamless on all.

    • Do you work under NDAs?

      As a white label agency, we value discretion and work to strict NDAs to ensure confidentiality. We have an NDA template that we can send to you or we can sign yours.

    • Are your emails responsive?

      We can make your html email fully responsive across all devices (this is highly recommended to ensure your recipients have the most positive experience), just specify on your initial request.

    • What email clients do you support?

      We pride ourselves on providing high-quality email code that is supported by many email clients. Our rigorous testing process ensures that your email will look good and respond in as many as possible.

    • Who owns the finished email code?

      Once the project is complete and signed off, we will send you all files so that you will be in complete ownership and control of the code.

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