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    If you are unsure of anything don’t hesitate to call us on 0161 398 0303 or email [email protected]

    Company FAQs

    • What is a white label agency?

      A white label agency is one that produces work that another company can rebrand as their own. In our case, we develop code for websites and emails for other agencies to deliver to their clients as though they have done it.

    • Why outsource to a white label agency?

      Often, companies choose to outsource to a white label agency when they don’t have the resources in-house, either because they are short-staffed, or they don’t have in-house developers with the necessary skills/at all. Choosing to outsource tends to be more efficient and flexible than hiring in-house particularly if workloads peak and trough throughout the year. Read in more detail here.

    • Why choose a white label agency over a freelance developer?

      Hiring a freelancer might be cheaper but with a white label agency you will get a broader range of skills and experience as well as dedicated account and project managers who will be able to help with communication and planning. Read more on this topic here.

    • What do I do if I want to outsource to a white label agency?

      If you are ready to outsource to a white label agency, there are a few ways that you can make this process simple and efficient for everyone involved, including making sure the company has the correct skill sets for your project, getting a clear brief from your client first, and clearly stating the scope of expectations in order to get an accurate quote.

    • How long has Gooey been in business for?

      Our doors first opened in 2009.  After a short period as a full-service digital agency, we quickly saw the requirement for agencies to have a reliable, UK based white label agency, and in 2010 our focus shifted to fill that niche. Our company No. is 11509275.

    • Where are you based?

      We’re based in in Salford which is on the outskirts of central Manchester. You’re welcome to come visit us at any time; have a brew, chat, and meet the team.

    • When do you work?

      Our office hours are Monday-Friday 9.00am to 5.30pm, but we can work out of hours or on weekends if required.  Just ask for details – we’ll always do our best to accommodate your requirements.

    • How big is your team?

      We have a team of 18, comprising of 12 developers, 4 partnership managers, and a finance manager.

    • What do you do?

      We are a white label agency and work with other agencies as their preferred web development partner. Most of our work is frontend HTML development, WordPress and Magento theme creation, or HTML email builds. We also support agencies with bug fixes, website maintenance, and updates.

    Privacy FAQs

    • Do you work under NDA?

      As a white-label agency, we adhere to a strict set of rules to ensure your client never comes into contact with anyone at Gooey.  We have our own NDA template we can send to you, or alternatively, we can sign yours; whichever works best for you.

    • Who owns the final code you produce?

      Upon project completion and sign off, we will send you all files related to the project so that you’re in 100% control of the final product.

    • Will you tell anyone about our partnership?

      No, we will never mention that we work with you unless you specifically tell us we can.  The first rule of Fight Club white-label outsourcing: you do not talk about Fight Club white-label outsourcing.

    Payment FAQs

    • How do you cost a job?

      On receipt of your assets (designs, wireframes, brief etc.) we will review everything with our developers and provide you with a final fixed cost. If you have a budget in mind, let us know and we will do our best to work towards your budget.

    • Do you offer discounts for repeat business?

      Yes, the more work you give us, the bigger the discount we can give you.  Please ask your Partnership Manager for more information.

    • Do you require a deposit?

      We charge a 25% fee upfront, then the remaining 75% on project completion, invoiced on 28-day terms.

    Coding FAQs

    • What type of design files do you work from?

      Our developers are well trained in most design applications, but we find most commonly we work with Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD, Photoshop and Illustrator files.

    • What's your code like?

      All of our code is clean, semantic and well commented. For the front-end, we produce well presented HTML5, and CSS3 using SASS. Common tools we use include Gulp, Grunt, and GIT – but we can also work to your internal development processes and standards, just ask!

    • What email clients do you support?

      A lot! We test all of our emails both manually and using Litmus or Email on Acid. A full list of the email clients we support can be viewed by clicking here.

    • What frameworks do you work in?

      We have experience in most of the popular frameworks, including Vue.js, ReactJS, Bootstrap, and Foundation.

    • What is the amends process?

      We usually like all amends in one go, but we’re aware that you may have amends before you send to your client, and that they, in turn, may have additional amends. With that in mind, we usually work to 2 sets of amends. We use BugHerd to manage the whole amends process so that each issue can be tracked and discussed as necessary. Read more about BugHerd here.

    • Which web browsers do you support?

      As standard we support:

      • Internet Explorer 10+
      • Microsoft Edge (latest version)
      • Google Chrome (latest version)
      • Firefox (latest version)
      • Safari (latest version)
      • Opera (latest version)
      • Mobile Safari
      • Mobile Chrome

      If you need any other browser/device compatibility just ask and we can add it to your build specification.

    • How do you supply files?

      The short answer, however you want! We can upload and launch your website onto a live environment, launch onto a dev server, send the files by mail, or deploy to your GIT. However you want it, we’re happy to accommodate.