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    Giving us feedback with BugHerd

    by Kishan Kotecha Partnership Manager

    To give feedback/amends on BugHerd, firstly add the BugHerd extension to your browser:

    When installed you can then give amends and feedback whilst looking at the website/webpages – its super simple to use, just select the type of feedback you want to give:

    • Feedback on a specific part or element on a web page
    • Feedback on the entire page, or
    • Video feedback

    How to give feedback on a specific part of the page:

    • On the BugHerd sidebar, click the plus (+) button.
    • Click on the website where you want to leave feedback. A new task box appears.
    • Type your feedback in the box and click Create Task. Your feedback is saved and a pin appears on the webpage.
    • If you want to edit your feedback, click the pin where you left feedback. The details of the task slide out from the sidebar. 
    • To view all the feedback you’ve given, click All Tasks in the sidebar. A complete list of feedback you’ve created appears. You may also be able to see tasks created by others.

    How to give video feedback:

    • On the BugHerd sidebar, click the video button.
    • Click to allow microphone permissions for audio recording.
    • Click to accept screen recording. If you don’t accept screen sharing or screen recording, you won’t be able to use the video feedback feature.
    • Select whether you want to record your screen, a window or a specific tab of the browser.
    • Select which screen you want to record. BugHerd enables you to record interactions on your screen. Note that you can’t move to a different page without stopping the recording.
    • BugHerd also gives you a one-minute countdown timer to help you stay concise.
    • When you’re finished, click Stop Recording.
    • The Create Task window appears, confirming the screen recording has been captured successfully.
    • Add any additional information you want in the Task Details window.
    • Click Create Task to save your video feedback.

    If you have any difficulties using BugHerd ask your PM and we can talk you through it 🙂

    The full guide for this article can be read here.