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    Getting a Google Map Key (updated 2024)

    by Iain Thomson Project Lead

    Follow these steps to generated your Google Map Key for your website.

    Step 1: Create a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) project

    1. Go to the Google Cloud Console:
    2. Sign in with your Google account if you haven’t already.
    3. Create a new project:
      – Click on the project drop-down at the top of the page next to the Google Cloud logo.
      – Click on New Project.
      – Enter a project name and select your billing account. (You may need to set up billing if you haven’t already.)
      – Click Create.

    Step 2: Enable the Google Maps JavaScript API

    1. Select your project from the project drop-down if it isn’t already selected.
    2. Go to the API & Services section from the left-hand menu.
    3. Click on Library.
    4. In the library, search for “Google Maps JavaScript API“.
    5. Click on Google Maps JavaScript API.
    6. Click Enable.

    Step 3: Generate the API key

    1. Go to the API & Services section again.
    2. Click on Credentials in the left-hand menu.
    3. Click on Create Credentials and select API Key.
    4. An API key will be created and displayed. Copy this key.

    Step 4: Restrict the API key (optional but recommended)

    1. On the Credentials page, click on the name of your API key to edit it.
    2. Under Application restrictions, select HTTP referrers (websites).
    3. Add your website URL(s) where the API key will be used, such as ‘*’.
    4. Under API restrictions, click on Restrict key and select Google Maps JavaScript API.
    5. Click Save.

    If you need any help generating your please give us a shout 🙂