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    QA checklist

    by Lewis Reeves QA & Testing

    QA processes will differ agency by agency, as a coding agency our QA process is focussed on specific areas and omits conventional checklist items such as content, population etc.

    When we work with agencies, we are usually sent designs (which may or may not include mobile and tablet designs), and any brief’s and specifications. We then code the pages we have designs for, follow any notes/specs/briefs and deliver the website back to the agency, who then usually pass-on to their internal team or client for population.

    So our QA process is very linear and efficient, we test for specifics and have a set process. Note our process is not rigid and some agencies like us to test for other elements which we can add/specify during the quotation stage.

    When our developer/s has finished the build they send a handover (see an example here) to our PM’s and internal QA, who then check-through the site and feedback any issues via a ticketing system (we use Codebase but can work on the agencies system of choice, i.e. BugHerd, Jira etc).

    We developed a QA checklist to share which illustrates the process we follow, and on submission saves to our WordPress DB, and emails our PM’s who then notify the developer.

    See our checklist here.

    The checklist criteria will change depending on the project (this is a WordPress one) so we have different versions for emails, WordPress websites and Magento websites.

    We have made this checklist in WordPress and Gravity Forms, so can easily export it if you would like a copy of it for your team, and as in Gravity Forms is fully editable and scalable – just drop us a line on 0161 398 0303 or via email.