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    Company and team handbooks

    by James Holloway Partnership Director

    Team handbooks are a must for most businesses, most are funky PDF’s or old Word docs, especially for SME’s who cannot invest 000’s into producing something all singing-and-dancing.

    We decided we needed a central place for all our guides, policies and company information so we built an online company handbook:

    This is not unique, many agencies do it, but we also see many agencies not utilising an online company handbook and the benefits it brings, such as:

    1. We send it to prospective clients so they can get a full understanding of the company – total transparency.
    2. We send it to prospective employees, so they can also get a full understanding of the company and how we work.
    3. Team members use it for a resource for guides/downloads, how to do things and also our company policies.
    4. We can quickly add to it, change things and provide important resources for team members like feedback forms i.e.

    The site uses WordPress and a free WordPres theme ( – it only took a few hours set up, then it was just a case of transferring over our content from our previous offline version/s.

    Different team members within the business can also have different access levels, so different departments can take ownership of their sections etc.

    If you would like to produce your own online handbook and need advice or support, drop us a line by telephone 0161 398 0303 or via email and we will be happy to help.