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    Quality and assurance checklist

    by Lewis Reeves QA & Testing

    Given we’ve created thousands of websites over the years with many different agencies, it’s imperative that the quality of what we’re delivering is of the highest standard. To help with this we have a very stringent quality and assurance checklist to ensure every project that goes out of the door has the Gooey mark of approval.

    To help our agencies with their own Q&A processes and as part of our Digital Development Toolkit, we’ve created an online tool to help asses any web development project for quality purposes. You can also use the web form in your own branding as we’d be happy to send you an export of the files.

    This can be found here and covers the following areas.

    Design and Coding

    The initial step covers the project details including the name and any notes associated with this. We then look at the design of the pages against the designs sent over from the agency as well as the responsiveness of the site in mobile or tablet variations.

    Next up is a series of checks against the coding of the site, we’ll asses various technical aspects such as compression and validation testing in addition to any errors in the JavaScript. We’ll review the sizing of the images to ensure they are correct and fit for purpose as well as ensuring the PHP files follow the correct indent standard. We’ll then finally check that any templates are modualised across the site and that the themes follow any fundamentals in the boilerplate template.

    Site Speed and Browsers

    With the major coding technicalities assessed, we then move on to the speed of the site covering off things such as putting each page through Google Page Speed to ensure the score is good for both desktop and mobile. Loading times for each page are also checked across all screen sizes as well as compressing any images through an app we use called Squoosh.

    Next we move on to checking across different browsers be it Firefox, IE, Chrome etc and across different physical mobile and tablet devices we have in the office. We’ll also assess the usability of the site at this stage including things such as directing through the navigation, utilising the search function if it has one and testing all forms or widgets that may be included across the site. We’ll also fully test the CMS to ensure it is fully workable and all plugins are fully functional.

    Content & SEO

    Finally we go through all content designs ensuring that things like a favicon and a 404 page are created, as well as one final SEO check to ensure the page titles are descriptive and friendly, and H tags are all correctly in place.

    We hope this gives a quick snapshot of the rigorous process we follow for every project to ensure it meets the high standards we set ourselves here at Gooey.

    If you want any further detail about this or the Q&A tool feel free to get in touch by emailing us at [email protected] or give us a call on: +44 (0)161 398 0303.