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    Introducing the Digital Development Toolkit from Gooey

    by Billy Sunderland Partnership Executive

    Through our white labelled digital development work over the last 10 years we’ve worked with hundreds of agencies on digital projects ranging from simple brochure web sites in WordPress to more complex eCommerce type web builds in Magento. Through this experience we’ve built out a new digital development toolkit to aide all the agencies we work with in various areas of their digital services offering to help increase revenue opportunities.

    Some examples of what is included in the Digital Development Toolkit include;

    Identifying opportunities for growing your digital revenue

    A guide to help you and your team explore the best opportunities for growing your digital revenue for the agency including hints and tips based on the core focus of your agency be it creative or PR and how to add more digital revenue on top of your core services. Take a look at the guide here.

    Online web pricing tool

    Our online tool to help you see a quick view of the cost of development work for any web or email project. All prices can be delivered by our in-house team of developers based in Manchester with over 50 years of experience. Check out the handy online tool here.

    A guide to developing the perfect web brief

    The briefing process for any digital project can make or break the success in delivering client delight. Therefore we’ve developed a 5 step guide for ensuring you can follow a series of steps to get everything right before the brief comes over to the development team. We see a huge improvement in minimising the number of post live amends to site by following these key points which can be found here.

    Developing User Persona’s for your web project

    To help ensure a website meets the key needs of all those that use the site it’s important to asses what these core customers look like and how the site addresses their core needs. As well as a guide to working with your clients to identify these personas we’ve also created a template that you can use in workshops with them to build out the different types of personas for the client’s brand. This can be found here.

    Web Project Planner

    To aide the delivery of any web project we’ve also developed a web planning timeframe template that you can use to map out the key milestones of a project and ensure all delivery is done on time and budget. Download the template for this here.

    As well as all these guides we have also have an expert in-house team who can aide and support you on any digital opportunities you have with your client base. The team can provide a range of expert technical knowledge that may be needed to scope out any new projects and ensure you deliver the best service to your clients at a profitable rate for your agency.

    Get in touch today to learn more about how we can help you on +44 (0)161 398 0303 or email us at [email protected]