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    Identifying opportunities for growing your digital revenue

    by James Holloway Partnership Director

    Whatever your main service offering as an agency, there are plenty of opportunities to look beyond this and make more revenue from offering digital capabilities with your clients. This may not always be a simple web design project as digital opportunities can come in many forms depending on the size and complexity of your client. This article looks at different ways to identify these opportunities and the type of support you may need to deliver on them. We look at several different types of agencies we regularly work with to identify how they go about spotting these opportunities.

    Branding / Design

    Any new branding project will eventually lead to a review of all the current collateral and assets in play with the main asset for most brands being their website. Don’t let this be an afterthought of the main brand work and ensure you can position the agency to be at the forefront of this redesign of the site. Rather than simply updating the creative look and feel it should be seen as opportunity to enhance the current site, identifying what the main use of the site is for and how it’s performance can be improved in anyway, are just a couple of many considerations that should be looked at.

    Key Tips / Ideas

    • Don’t just look at overlaying the new designs on the current site, look for ways to improve the performance.
    • Think about the personas of those that use the site that you’ve built the brand for and how this will attract more visitors to interact online and then ultimately buy from the brand.
    • Work with the SEO team as well as UX and web designers to map out improvements to how the site can be better built. If the client doesn’t have these resources in place look to partner with specialists that can support this area.
    • Work on the Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) of the site by reviewing analytics of the main call to actions and how these can be improved.

    PR / Content

    Gaining publicity for your clients may be your ultimate priority if you’re a PR agency but measurement of performance linked to organic web traffic through to a site can all be influenced and at times tracked back from good PR outreach or content development. The world of PR and SEO is often morphed and PR agencies can be at the forefront of creating great online content and ideas to drive traffic to a client’s site through this activity. This puts this kind of agency in a great position to spot digital opportunities but they may be held back by the capabilities of those that work for the agency.

    Key Tips / Ideas

    • Don’t just think of traditional PR campaign, put digital at the forefront of media exposure you gain for clients and how this tracks back to online performance.
    • Propose digital ideas for generating more links for a client’s site, creative ideas designed to drive traffic to a site can be built from traditional PR creativity but will only generate more exposure if delivered through digital platforms that are either integrated with a client’s existing site or through separate bespoke sub-domains.
    • Look at the opportunities for ongoing SEO and technical web updates needed to improve organic site traffic. This may not be the expertise of those you employ in a PR agency so work with freelancers or partner agencies to identify weak spots in a clients site and how to improve this through ongoing web and technical SEO development as well as the more PR focused media and blogger outreach for back links.
    • Another way to expand the PR or content remit you have with a client is it it’s possible to look at their email strategy and how they communicate with prospects and existing clients especially what technology they use to deliver this process and how well designed the email templates are.

    Paid Media

    Working as a paid media agency for a brand will mainly entail analysing Google, Bing or Social campaign statistics and performance to attract good quality traffic to a site. However looking at the buyer journey further down the funnel once they get to the client’s site and what path they take to convert can open up more opportunities around UX, CRO or standard web development services to improved conversion stats.

    Key Tips / Ideas

    • Work closely with a client to understand the conversion rate beyond just Cost Per Lead and explore the results onsite to offer ways to improve all round conversion.
    • Identify specific landing pages that can be built and UX improvements needed to aide better results.
    • Suggest creative campaigns with bespoke landing pages to drive traffic to and generate more leads.
    • Think about the capabilities of the team working for your agency and the type of development partner who can spin up new landing pages or web improvements quickly and possibly within a tight budget.


    Some of the above may seem like obvious examples of how to grow your digital revenue but when you’re working on the bread and butter services that is a core focus of your agency they may not be that clear. Working with a digital development partner that can aide with both identifying, recommending and delivering on these opportunities can improve the breadth of revenue your agency gets through digital. Gooey have a vast range of experience in this area and also work with a number of freelancers and smaller agencies that would be willing to partner with you to maximise any opportunity.

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