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    Here’s why WordPress is here to stay

    by Stacy Parr Finance Manager

    It’s versatile

    WordPress is an incredibly powerful content management system (CMS), meaning that it can be used to create, organise, and publish content onto the web.

    It is easy to read ‘content management’ and think that means that WordPress is limited to blogs and news sites, but that is simply not the case. With an abundance of plugins available, WordPress can be used to build whatever you want it to e.g. online shops, portfolios, membership websites, and more… check out some of these examples.

    It’s accessible

    Being open-source, WordPress is accessible to anyone – you just need to know how to code (or know someone who knows how to code…)

    Most young businesses and start-ups simply cannot afford to splash out a tonne on their website and WordPress is a great option. You can set up a WordPress site fairly cheaply and – providing that the original build is completed to a high standard – improve and expand on it over time.

    It’s scalable

    One of the questions that we often get asked is ‘is WordPress scalable?’ Well, is you take the right measures, it certainly is.

    Before you start though, make sure that you are set up for a large-scale website:

    • Consider using a flexible server base to cope with high traffic
    • Check that any plugins you intend to use are compatible with ones you have/others you are installing
    • Make sure that you are caching correctly

    Check out some more tips for scaling using WordPress here.

    It’s always improving

    WordPress is developed by a community of developers that continuously find ways to improve it. Major updates are rolled out regularly and they do this for a reason. Each new release includes enhanced features, performance improvements, bug fixes and security patches, so don’t ignore them! You can set up automatic updates to help with this…

    It’s secure

    WordPress is incredibly popular, and therefore it is a hot target for hackers. However, most security issues with WordPress are usually avoidable if you maintain your site correctly. Hackers tend to target older versions of the site once they have identified flaws in the code and updates fix these.

    Check out our expert advice for securing your WordPress site

    So, there’s 5 reasons why WordPress is here to stay… are you convinced yet?

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