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    10 stunning websites built in WordPress

    by Stacy Parr Finance Manager

    WordPress is a versatile, relatively user-friendly web development platform, and this makes it the tool of choice for many companies, in industries ranging from news to art to retail. With a large range of plugins and extensions, you can make a WordPress site into pretty much anything. Take a look at these amazing examples of websites built in WordPress.

    1. Redd Superfood Energy Bars

    Redd Superfood Energy Bars is just one of the many eCommerce websites built in WordPress using the plugin WooCommerce. Focusing on clean, product-centric visuals makes it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for. Taking advantage of WordPress’ conception as a content-driven platform, they have also added additional pages including a blog, press page, and their company story, achieving an overall wholesome feel.

    2. We Virtually Are

    Being a virtual reality studio, We Virtually Are needed an engaging site that would accurately portray their brand. In order to reflect the advanced nature of the company and what they offer, the site uses techniques including 360-degree video and WebGL to truly immerse its visitors.


    3. Katy Perry

    The most followed person on Twitter, Katy Perry chose WordPress for her official website. A clean site with parallax effects and a statement image to land on, the site focuses on visuals to portray her personality and allows visitors to learn more, view media, or buy merchandise.

    4. Da Ink

    This is an example of a portfolio done incredibly well. A dynamic yet simple website, the focus is placed on the work the artist is promoting, minimising distractions while remaining unique by choosing a black background as opposed to white.


    5. Derren Brown

    Reportedly receiving around 2 million-page views per month, Derren Brown required an informative and engaging website. The focus is set straight on his stage presence and audience reactions with a dramatic auto play video on loop on the home page. The site also acts as an online store for his artwork.

    6. Tilda rice

    Tilda does a great job of displaying their vast range of rice products in an easy-to-navigate way. Taking advantage of the content-driven nature of WordPress, Tilda focuses on information such as recipes, articles, their products information and where to buy, and about them as a business.

    7. Bacardi

    Bacardi is a fairly small informational website, for users looking to learn more about their rums, their heritage, or even for cocktail recipes that use their products. The dark pages and bold designs stay on-brand with the home page feature rotating through various promotional videos for the visitor to play.

    8. The Department of Coffee and Social Affairs

    Stunning contrasts and high-quality images place the emphasis on their high-quality products. The clean and simple shopping navigation produces a modern, unique visual approach, reflecting the company’s alternative artsy coffee shop identity.


    9. Walt Disney co

    Setting itself apart from the bright branding of the Disney store, The Walt Disney Company has built a professional, mature, more serious website using WordPress as a face to its business and values.

    10. House of Whiskey Scotland

    A simple website with a user-friendly navigation makes it easy for visitors to shop for products and contact the company. It’s relatively easy to create a similar website for your own brand using WooCommerce and a premium theme.


    This handful of websites built in WordPress demonstrates the true versatility and scalability of the platform. Want to learn why so many choose WordPress to build their website? Click here.