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    6 reasons why WordPress works wonders

    by James Holloway Partnership Director

    Sometimes choosing a website development tool can seem overwhelming, but there is a reason why so many people choose WordPress.

    Easily the most popular content management system available, WordPress is an open-source platform that currently powers around 19 million websites.

    Here we’ve highlighted 6 key reasons why WordPress is loved and used by millions, and why you should consider it too.


    1. It’s open-source

    At Gooey, we love working with open-source platforms – they’re free to use, edit and redistribute. WordPress is completely free and can be downloaded from its original website.

    1. Flexibility

    While originally a content-driven platform, you can now basically build any kind of website with WordPress thanks to continuous improvements, updates, and plugins. Just google examples of WordPress sites and you will find everything from eCommerce to news to portfolios.

    1. It’s SEO friendly

    According to Google, WordPress is 99% SEO friendly and fulfils all the SEO requirements that a CMS should, including being optimised for good speed and to work well on multiple devices and browsers.

    1. Easy to use

    One of the core reasons for WordPress’ popularity is its ease of use. Even for beginners, there are inbuilt facilities for blog publishing, user management and more meaning that users can customise content without any coding. This will only improve once WordPress 5.0 is released with the default Gutenberg Editor (you can read more about this update here.)

    1. It’s secure

    WordPress has a high security standard and provides regular updates to fix vulnerability points that may be targeted by hackers. There are some basic things that you can do to ensure that you keep your WordPress site safe, such as regularly updating to the newest version, only installing trusted plugins with high ratings and number of downloads, and using premium rather than free themes.

    1. Strong support sources

    As already mentioned, WordPress powers over 19 million websites across the web and therefore has a huge community of active users and developers that can act as a support network for troubleshooting, tips, and queries. You can find the official forum here:


    With regular updates and constant tweaks, WordPress is improving at an impressive rate and is only expected to get better. The next major update – WordPress 5.0 – is expected to be released at the end of this year and brings with it huge changes that make it easier to produce high-quality content even for those without strong programming skills.

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