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    Using Gooey vs hiring an internal dev

    by Kishan Kotecha Partnership Manager

    Fixed costs

    Gooey work to fixed costs, so we agree a fixed price for your project before commencement. With an internal dev, your costs will increase everyday the dev is on it, this includes amends – amends are including in Gooey’s fixed price, whereas if an internal dev spends 8 days on amends, you will be paying their wage still 😔

    With Gooey you know the exact price – this allows you to keep track of your margins.

    National insurance, pensions and equipment

    You need to pay internal devs employers national insurance contributions, pension contributions and kit them out with equipment and software  – with Gooey you don’t have to worry about any of this 😊

    Annual leave

    Internal devs are entitled to paid annual leave, circa 21 days a year –with Gooey you don’t have to worry about scheduling in annual leave around projects.

    Quiet periods

    Everyone has them, those periods where no work is coming in – employees sat about doing nothing is very expensive – with Gooey you only pay when you use us.

    Contingency if the dev is sick

    People sometimes get sick, it’s a nightmare when a dev is sick part way through a project – getting half done work finished can be stressful – Gooey have a large team and all work together, so if one of our devs are sick – your project carries on and deadlines are still met.

    Managing devs

    Managing devs if you are not technical can be challenging, some will spend longer on projects than needed, some will job hop, some will say they are great, then it turns out they are not 😂 – using Gooey resolves these headaches.


    As a team of developers, Gooey has a range of skills whether it be frontend, backend, animation etc – whereas a single internal dev may not be able to achieve certain bits of your project if it falls outside their skillset.


    All of our work is QA’d by our QA team before it comes over to you – saving your team vital time having to extensively QA the project against designs/briefs etc.

    Give us a call on 0161 398 0303 to discuss how Gooey can partner with you.