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    5 ways to get more client referrals in web design

    by Iain Thomson Project Lead

    Growth is vital to any business, including web design. Having a healthy influx of new clients is crucial for continued progress, and one of the best and most cost-effective ways to achieve that growth is through client referrals.

    Recommendations from satisfied clients not only bring in new customers but also add credibility to your service. Here are five strategies for boosting client referrals in your web design business.

    1. Deliver exceptional service

    This may seem obvious, but it’s a point that can’t be stressed enough. The main source of client referrals is from satisfied customers. Therefore, ensuring that your services exceed customer expectations is crucial.

    In the web design business, this might mean going beyond just delivering well-designed and functional websites.

    It could also involve providing excellent customer service, offering professional advice and providing a seamless project management process. When clients are delighted with their experience, they are more likely to tout your services to others.

    2. Request referrals directly

    Sometimes, the best way to get something is simply to ask for it. Many satisfied clients would happily refer you to others, but it may not cross their minds unless you point it out.

    Make asking for referrals part of your project closure process – once a design is delivered and the client is happy, politely ask if they know anyone else who might benefit from your services.

    You can remind them via follow-up emails or calls, and let them know that their referral would mean a lot to your business growth and strength, which will come back to help them next time they need your services.

    3. Set up a referral scheme

    Offering incentives through a referral scheme is a popular and effective strategy in getting more client referrals.

    This could involve discounts on future services, cashback offers or even small gifts. By giving clients a tangible benefit for their referrals, they will be more motivated to recommend your services. Ensure the process is easy enough and that the offer is appealing. Make sure you effectively communicate the rewards programme to your clients.

    4. Maintain strong client relationships

    Developing and maintaining a healthy relationship with your clients doesn’t just ensure their satisfaction with your service, but it also leaves a lasting impression, which could lead to more referrals.

    Keep in touch with your clients even after your designing service is done by sending regular newsletters or sharing helpful advice or articles. This also keeps your business in their minds, making them more likely to refer you to someone on the spot.

    5. Leverage your online presence

    Finally, make sure your website and social media profiles make it easy for customers to refer others to your services. Leverage testimonial sections and case studies to show prospective clients your capabilities.

    Also, consider creating a referral form on your website or creating shareable content on social media that clients can easily distribute. Digital word-of-mouth can be exceptionally powerful, so it’s essential to seize every opportunity to encourage online referrals.

    While these factors should add up to more referrals, it’s ultimately down to the quality of your work. If you need a little help with any aspect of your web design, whether that’s through time constraints or gaps in your development team’s skills, you can always outsource to a white-label web developer. Look into it!