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    Using ChatGPT to create code

    by Iain Thomson Project Lead

    As you have probably heard, ChatGPT is awesome! Its uses are endless we and we have been having fun with it creating code, in this example we asked it: We need a mortgage calculator to work out monthly repayments, please write me one using HTML and JS

    The results were pretty cool, see the working mortgage calculator here:

    Yes its un-styled but could we styled up with CSS quickly and easily – and this type of calculator is useful and is seen on many websites – so a common request for devs to build.

    In another example we asked: Write me the HTML and JS for a UK payee tax calculator

    We got the code back un-styled again so then asked: Can you style it too please so it looks nice?

    The results are here:

    Note the rates might need tweaking slightly, but its pretty scarily good 😊