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    HTML mailer or sending via OFT, tips and suggestions

    by Lewis Reeves QA & Testing

    Depending on how you plan to distribute your HTML email will determine what’s possible when building the email.

    If you are sending your email out via a mailer such as MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, DotDigital, HubSpot etc (there is loads to choose from) you will have complete flexibility in regards to what’s possible, so you can design responsive emails which support a range of cool elements such as custom fonts (which fall-back on older email clients), backgrounds (we use bullet proof backgrounds), CSS3 and pretty much anything you desire (sliders, burger menus, animations etc) 😊

    However, if you are distributing the email by pasting it into something like Outlook, or using an OFT/EML file you will be limited on what can be achieved, for example OFTs do not support:

    • Responsive styles (so the email will not be responsive)
    • Custom fonts (you will need to use a default font)
    • Background images
    • Any CSS3 elements (i.e. rounded corners etc)

    We would recommend using Mailers as listed above, however if you need to send out via OFT etc, please remember the limitations.