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    How to promote your newsletter on social media

    by Kishan Kotecha Partnership Manager

    Newsletters are a superb way of marketing yourself to a highly motivated group of customers, and the fact that they are still, in 2022, underused by businesses remains something of a mystery. But we’ve seen enough evidence from our clients to prove that they really can be an effective and cheap way of giving your campaigns a bit of a push – if you do it properly.

    If there’s a downside with newsletters, it’s that they can often rely on passing trade – i.e., people visiting your website and liking your content enough to want more of it.

    The sign-up form on your contact page or blog footer remains a good way of growing your subscription list organically, but it can be a long process, and relies on your having good content and decent SEO in the first place to ensure you actually attract people to read your content.

    Social media is a step up the promotional ladder, which is definitely worth pursuing. It’s still a little organic, and still largely relies on SM connections and followers. However, social media usually has a very different group of people who can become leads.

    Generally speaking, organic website traffic comes from people who are searching for your products and services, while SM contacts tend to already know what you do, or they wouldn’t have followed you in the first place.

    The first, and easiest, step is to simply advertise your newsletter on your social media profile page. Just a simple link is all you need – they’ll be able to follow it and choose whether to subscribe.

    Of course, not everyone visits your profile page – most of the time they are just seeing your posts as they appear in their feeds. So that’s your second way to make inroads. You can directly mention your newsletter every so often, and if followers are reading their feeds at that time, they might bite.

    For both methods, it’s vital that you have a good newsletter landing page that points out the benefits of subscribing. Your social media content itself plays a part too. If you are generally an interesting and responsive voice in your sector, you’ll gain respect and kudos from the group, and that helps to give the impression that your newsletter is worth having.

    Make sure you point out that the newsletter will contain different content to your social, be that more in-depth analysis, competitions or special deals.

    Finally, you can use promotion to get into the feeds of people who don’t follow you on social media. All the major social channels have some sort of paid promotion scheme whereby you can choose specific sectors or certain demographics and make ads appear in their feeds that look like normal posts.

    Again, simply saying “sign up to our newsletter” won’t be enough to grab these cold viewers. You’ll have to put your marketing hat on and think up creative ways to win them over in your short social ad.

    Now you’ve got another stream of new subscribers, it’s time to make sure you have a professional HTML email template that looks perfect on all devices. We can help here.