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    Is HubSpot good for email marketing? The Complete Guide

    by Kishan Kotecha Partnership Manager

    Hopefully by now, you’re convinced that email newsletters are a very good thing. They’re effective, measurable and are an incredibly cheap way to run a marketing campaign. And since there’s still quite a lot of doubt among unconverted or half-hearted businesses, you can use this channel to your advantage by going all in and creating interesting, clickable emails for your clients.

    You might also be aware of HubSpot, which is essentially a CRM (customer relationship management solution) but could be used on its own to build, optimise and manage a perfectly good website.

    So can the two be used together? Would it be wise to use HubSpot for email marketing campaigns? Let’s take a look.

    HubSpot – a mailing list with extra power

    At its core, the CRM is what makes HubSpot such a powerful solution. It allows you to drill down very deeply into the personalities, motivations and potential of all your customers and prospects. You can group them into personas, geographic groups, spending power, decision-making ability or any of the thousands of potential factors that determine how you approach them.

    All email marketing suites allow a certain degree of grouping, but it’s fair to say that a quality CRM will optimise your campaigns, and HubSpot is just such a quality tool.

    Of course, in an ideal world, you’d be able to send individualised emails to all your clients and prospects, and indeed, if you’ve made a real personal connection,you probably will if the potential win justifies it. But in reality, newsletters work best when you can stratify and categorise them, and send the same email to a target group.

    The more focused your target is, the better, so it’s usually worthwhile compiling a number of different emails and sending them to the various groups based on their personas, or where they are along the sales funnel. You can then, for example, split emails between offering newcomer discounts and loyalty rewards, or reigniting lapsed customers or targeting those who tend to shop in summer, for example.

    And this is where HubSpot becomes such a powerful tool. You can use the deep dive CRM to create very precise groups of people so that the email they end up getting feels a lot more personalised than could ever be the case with generic emails.

    For example, starting an email with “Thanks for your recent purchase …” makes it look like someone has typed the message to them personally, and it makes them feel cared for, which can greatly improve their sense of loyalty. You can easily see how having the maximum amount of data available on customers’ recent (and not so recent) interactions with your business can set the stage for this level of personalisation if you use it wisely.

    Professional emails coded by pros

    If you’re ready to start using HubSpot for your email campaigns, you just need one last element in place – professional looking email templates. That’s where we come in. We can give you branded templates that fit seamlessly into the image you’re trying to project, all coded in HTML so they will display beautifully on any device, browser or email client. Drop us a line for more details.