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    2021 Email Marketing Tips – what to focus on

    by Kishan Kotecha Partnership Manager

    If 2020 taught us not to set our marketing plans in stone, 2021 looks set to re-introduce normality – albeit at a measured, cautious pace that could be halted at a moment’s notice.

    But that doesn’t mean we can’t be ambitious in getting the most out of our email marketing campaigns.

    If you’ve got a brick and mortar store, it’s a great way of keeping your presence felt among customers, but whatever kind of business you’re running, we’ve got a few housekeeping tips to keep your campaigns on track.

    Landing page optimisation

    It’s surprising how often landing pages aren’t created with SEO in mind. After all, you may reason, why bother optimising a page that’s getting its traffic directly from emails?

    Well, for a start, there are some basic optimisation practices that apply to pages whether they’re being reached by emails or search engines. For example, page load speed is just as vital for keeping your bounce rate low, as customers quickly get frustrated staring at a blank or non-interactive screen.

    But why not set your page up for some search traffic anyway? Landing pages tend to be focused, specific and rich, which is pretty much what Google is looking for in a page. It can’t harm you.

    Also make sure your tracking tools are all set up for new pages, too – again, it’s something that’s often overlooked for single-use pages, but they’re essential for email marketing analysis.

    Use search data to influence email topics

    Now’s a good time to have a good look through all your search data in Google Analytics and find out what topics are bringing traffic to your site.

    It’s the perfect place to start building up a list of subjects to start talking about. If your company is more than a few years old, you can make your emails seasonal by analysing when certain pages peak, and hit your mailing list with those topics early.

    Email marketing integration

    Email marketing integrations are the bridges between your email campaigns and all your other marketing efforts, and even physical stores, so that wherever visibility in the marketing process is required, you’ve got it to hand.

    The most important integration is between email marketing and CRM, and this is best done by using one of the many tools available for the task.

    Tools vary between platforms, but whether you’re powered by WordPress, Shopify, Magento or some other system, there will be plenty to choose from if you look around.

    Among the most popular is Campaign Monitor, which will help automate many of the email marketing operations such as adding new mailing list sign-ups to your CRM, so you can create more customised email send-outs to groups of recipients, helping to keep costs down and engagement up.

    A/B testing

    A final tip for 2021 is to really focus on your A/B testing with email marketing. The whole marketplace has been shaken up in 2020, and things that might have worked well in the past might no longer apply as people’s life patterns have changed.

    A downshift you might have blamed on a general economic slowdown might actually be simply a case of mis-targeting or using the wrong message on a certain demographic. Companies who constantly try out new ideas with split testing are always first to notice when their marketplace is evolving – and can act accordingly.

    Good practice

    Who knows what the world will be like in January 2022? We could still be suffering the effects of the pandemic, or the vacuum could have been refilled with a vengeance as customers make up for lost time in their purchasing, home improvements, holidays, eating out and starting businesses.

    Stick with good practice and you’ll be best prepared for whatever direction your market takes.

    And of course, Gooey will always be here to help you create effective email marketing campaigns that let you hit the ground running.