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    Why email marketing is just as important as your content strategy

    by Lewis Reeves QA & Testing

    There’s no debate about the effectiveness of a well thought out content strategy. While there’s no guarantee that every piece of content will be a hit, you’re drip-feeding more material into your online presence, and the effect will be nothing but cumulative over time – it can’t go backwards.

    But what about email marketing? Can that be as effective over the medium and long term? We think it can, which is why it’s just as important as keeping your high quality content coming. Let’s have a look at why that is.

    Relevance matters

    First up, it’s important to point out that carpet bombing your customers with emails is not the way to go. That’s called spamming, and we hope we don’t have to point out why that’s a bad thing.

    The key is to keep the content relevant to your customers’ needs. If you’re running a diverse business with lots of disassociated products, a customer relationship management suite is essential to keep track of which lines should be pushed to which people.

    Even if you specialise in a small number of related products or services, it’s important that you stay aware of what customers have bought or shown an interest in, and what cross-selling opportunities there are. Nobody likes to be advertised products that they have already bought.

    Emails are almost guaranteed to be seen

    Until your customers unsubscribe from your list or mute you (and keeping it relevant and unobtrusive helps there), they will almost certainly see at least the subject line of your email. Compared to being found through search and the minuscule odds of having your ad clicked, that’s gold dust.

    Obviously, you want much more than the subject line to be read, so that’s where your skill as a marketer comes in. You still need to dream up promotions and offers that have the potential to cause interest in the reader. And then they need to be written and presented in a persuasive way that’s in line with your typical customer’s expectations.

    Once you’ve won the battle to have the email opened, you’re much closer to making that conversion.

    Complete creative control

    The final piece of the jigsaw is the presentation of the email itself. Your marketers can’t hit the table football just yet – the compelling message of your sales proposal needs to continue into the body of the email.

    The beauty of modern email is that all browsers and clients now accommodate HTML and CSS. With decent speeds and bandwidth now almost universal, you can really make your emails stand out. Interactivity, striking graphics, branding, attractive layout and even animations are simple to do and widely accepted by users, so you’re not constrained by the old ways of doing email marketing.

    HTML Email specialists

    In a nutshell, email is much more likely to reach the eyeballs you’re aiming for than that complex content strategy you’re working on. The hurdle that too many companies fail to clear is making the email campaign attractive and compelling enough to be opened, which is why too many email campaigns falter.

    Yet it’s not that difficult to do. If your marketers committed as much time to servicing your email recipients (who are opted in by choice, don’t forget) as they spent on your mainstream content strategy(which often has to be found by chance), you’d almost certainly notice it in your sales.

    If you’re looking for a partner to create attractive, responsive, browser-friendly and app-compatible HTML emails, find out more here, as it’s something we are experts at.