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    3 quick wins to get your email marketing campaign back on track

    by Billy Sunderland Partnership Executive

    The biggest risk with email marketing is that you can often settle into a comfortable routine, firing out regular emails and half-heartedly preparing for the next one. The problem is that while you might think it’s just ticking along nicely, in actual fact it’s probably slowly getting worse. Customers’ attention spans are probably slipping and you might not even notice that the majority of emails are not being opened by the majority of recipients.

    Your campaign needs a boost – and here are three quick wins to make it happen.

    1. Have a deep dive into the stats

    You might watch the stats as they come in, or have a brief look at how many people are opening and rejecting your emails, but for many email marketers, that’s about as far as they go. But within the stats are thousands of stories that can be read to build up a real picture of how the campaign is being reacted to.

    If you’re suffering huge amounts of no-opens, there’s something wrong with your subject lines – sharpen them up, put action words in there and test different ways of communicating. If they are being opened but not followed up, it’s the same problem but just further along the line.

    But those recipients who are following up emails hold the key to future success. You can analyse their behaviour once they get onto the site and match your email messages with the most successful journeys. Lose all the messaging that leads nowhere and keep the positive stuff.

    This is something you should be doing anyway, but we understand how hard-pressed marketing departments operate in the real world. Just make it a monthly activity – you’ll have more data that way too.

    2. Create an incentive

    If people are indifferent to your campaigns, a time-honoured tradition is to incentivise them. There’s nothing quite like a money off voucher or a prize draw to get people visiting your site. Make it as easy as possible to claim or enter, but design your landing page so that visitors will learn more about your company than the promotion itself. A good trick with prize draws is to give people extra entries if they share a link or follow you on social media.

    Incentives can cost hardly anything to set up, but they can give stale campaigns a shot in the arm and regenerate customer interest.

    3. Keep things short and sweet

    We all get hundreds of emails a week, and none of us has time to read them all. So why not make it easier to read? Don’t send out long emails where readers have to trawl through several paragraphs before they get to the call to action.

    Get each of your talking points across in one short sentence, with a “learn more” link guiding them to your website. They will feel like they are in control of what they read, and if your short statements are grabby enough, more people will find the time to follow them up.

    Email marketing by professionals

    Don’t forget, we can help you build HTML email templates that you can populate to give your email marketing a professional, branded appearance. We’ll include all you need to ensure you can analyse and optimise your emails, so all you have to do is keep coming up with great ideas and captivating your audience. Simple!