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    How to align your emails with your wider marketing efforts

    by Kishan Kotecha Partnership Manager

    Modern marketing is a holistic exercise, where everything you do feeds off everything else – or at least should do. If your bloggers aren’t talking to your email team, or your web developers and advertisers aren’t on the same page, you’ll inevitably be sending out mixed messages and missing opportunities to push your message towards your potential customers.

    Aligning email and blogs

    A key interaction that you should make your number one priority is to align your blog and your email list. If you write interesting posts that get plenty of responses and social sharing, people will have a reason to not just subscribe to the blog, but also to sign up for email notifications.

    Once they do, you’ve given yourself another opportunity to promote your brand to them, as well as keeping them informed about the blog updates. It’s a simple thing to do, but it’s vital that there’s a channel of communication between both parties – bloggers talking about the newsletter; emailers talking about the blog.

    Know your funnel

    You’re probably aware of the sales funnel, a handy way of visualising and studying your potential customers as they become actual customers. It usually starts with their discovery of your brand, then passes through interest, shortlisting, evaluation, decision, and finally that all-important first purchase. 

    Each step along the funnel is an opportunity to invite customers to engage via email, and each email is an opportunity to advance the customer along the funnel. There’s an understanding that as the funnel narrows, potential customers are dropping out of the process as your offering fails to meet their requirements – that’s inevitable – so having a means of keeping everyone informed without wasting valuable sales resources on hopeless cases makes good business sense. 

    Email is perfect for that purpose, as you can target different groups with different messages depending on where they are in the funnel.

    If you’ve ever made a purchase from a major online retailer, you’ll be aware of where you are in their funnel. In fact, you could be in various places in different funnels for different products as they try to sell you more things, but if you consider what the cost of that email is to the company compared to its potential value if you make more purchases, it’s obvious why you remain on their list. 

    Remember – they already know you trust them and will make online purchases from them, so the first parts of the funnel don’t apply to you. They are building a picture of you based on your buying habits, and if you continue to shop with them, that focus will get ever sharper. You’ll probably find yourself being given special offers that aren’t more widely available as you move from being a target for sales to being a target for retention.

    Email integration is doable for all businesses

    Whatever the size of our business. there’s no reason you can’t use emails as part of an integrated marketing strategy. In fact, we can help you achieve it with our HTML email coding services that help get your message across in the way you want it to. 

    All it takes on your part is a strategic approach to marketing – and making sure all departments are communicating with each other effectively.