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    What are the benefits of moving your website to WordPress?

    by Billy Sunderland Partnership Executive

    WordPress is the undisputed king of content management systems (CMSs). But it hasn’t won the crown through luck or being the only option – it’s genuinely admired throughout the world for its simplicity and flexibility. So if your site isn’t currently using WordPress, here are some compelling reasons why it should be.

    It’s easy to use

    First up, it’s simple for you and your team to use. You can set up limited accounts so that staff members can update blogs and edit pages without risking the back end or security settings. And even if they do mess up a page, you can just roll it back. This means that everyone can be a publisher with little more than basic word processing skills.

    It’s free

    WordPress is open source, which means anyone can install it on their site and it won’t cost a penny. But that’s not to say it isn’t regularly updated. Thousands of developers are constantly making improvements to its core, and everyone benefits.

    You can choose any developer in the future

    Say you use Gooey to move your site to WordPress. From then on, you can choose any developer to make substantive changes to how it works. That’s because WordPress is so well know, pretty much any developer will be able to modify it. Obviously, we hope you’ll continue to use us, but if you want to shop around, you won’t be tied to us.

    It’s flexible

    You probably browse hundreds of WordPress sites every week without even knowing it. The back end always looks the same, but with countless themes, setups and custom builds available, there are no limits to how the site looks.

    It’s responsive

    With more than half of all browsing now done on mobile devices, you’ll need your site to display well on any screen. WordPress now has responsiveness built in, and you can fine-tune it to your needs to make sure you’re giving your message to all your potential customers.

    There’s a massive support network

    Imagine you have a problem with your website. With millions of installations, it’s certain that someone else will have had the same problem. Scan around online on one of the many forums devoted to WordPress, and you’ll probably find a solution. Alternatively, raise the query yourself and someone will know the answer. That just doesn’t happen with custom website builds, or even some other CMSs.

    All the plugins

    Whatever you need to do, from making visual effects to beefing up security or optimising your site for search, there will be dozens of excellent plugins to choose from. Some are free, some are paid-for and others are subscription based, but the enormous value they have to your site cannot be underestimated. It means you can give your site complex functionalities without any technical knowledge.

    Migrate now with Gooey

    Remember, the one-off cost of migrating your site properly and securely will almost certainly be recouped by reduced maintenance and updating costs. At Gooey we’re experts in WordPress migrations, so get in touch now to start making your move.