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    Ballparks and costings, what we need

    by Kishan Kotecha Partnership Manager

    We regularly get asked what we need to quote a website build, so the following is a quick guide on what you can send us to get accurate costs and timings for your website development.

    Sitemap / list of pages and amount of unique templates

    Even a simple bullet-list of pages can help if you don’t have anything concrete, this will give us an idea of what’s required and with this information alone we will be able to give you a good ballpark cost.

    Example website/s

    If you have a link to example websites you want us to replicate, this will be helpful and enable us to give a good ballpark. If an exact replication, we will be able to give an exact cost if you send us all the links to pages you wish to replicate (i.e. moving a site from Drupal to WordPress).

    Wires or designs

    If you have wires or designs our developers will be able to see what is required and we will be able to give you a cost and timings. Most agencies we work with just send the designs only which is more than enough for us to quote from.

    Other designs such as tablet or mobile

    90% of agencies we work with only provide us with desktop designs and we interpret how it should respond on tablets/mobiles etc – we are good at this! However, if you plan to provide responsive designs, we will need these to give an accurate cost.

    Brief, specifications and/or functionality

    If you have any written briefs, specifications or even notes – these will also help us give accurate costs. We build hundreds of websites a year so are experienced at interpreting designs into functionality, but if you have anything specific you need, this should be provided in a brief so nothing is missed.


    If you would like any animation on the site it is important to tell us about this so we can give accurate costs – an animation may only take a few minutes to do, or it could take a day – so its important for us to see what’s required so we can give accurate costs.

    If you would like us to quote or give a ballpark on anything please get in touch or use our ballpark generator here.