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Minimum charges for agencies and freelancers

by Ryan McGourlay Agency Partnership Manager

Most agencies and freelancers will have a minimum charge, like an electrician or a plumber will (i.e. call out fee). This is a quick guide on how to explain minimum charges to your clients if it is questioned.

Note this example is based on a digital agency making a text amend on website, and has been quoted at 1 hours work (minimum rate).

  • PM or AM takes the order and amend off the client.
  • The order is recorded for billing (i.e. on Sage or any order software)
  • The order is then passed to either the development manager or developer for scheduling/actioning.
  • The developer sets up their FTP or SSH to get access to the site.
  • If the site uses version control this is also set up.
  • If the site uses a task-runner such as gulp, this is installed and set up.
  • The text amend is made.
  • The developer views the website to make sure the amend is done and live, and there is no issues (i.e. regression, device or browser issues).
  • The developer informs the PM/AM the change is made.
  • The PM/AM informs the client.
  • Finance then sends out an invoice.

So the above shows that for a quick text change, there could be as many as 4 people involved depending on process (PM or AM, Traffic or Development Manager, Web Developer and Finance person).

Feel free to re-use the above and if you need any further resources or advice feel free to get in touch.