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    Ask a dev: Can a developer design my website?

    by Stacy Parr Finance Manager

    In this week’s ‘Ask a Developer’ blog, I’m catching up with one of our Team Gooey long-time developers, Andy. Andy has been with us for almost 7 years and has possibly the most eccentric taste in music out of the entire office.

    Andy in some rare Manchester sunshine

    How long were you in training for before becoming a fully-fledged developer?

    “So, I didn’t really do any formal training. After leaving school, I spent a year working temp jobs while using the majority of my spare time and evenings learning to code. I was lucky enough to then land the first dev job that I applied for. It didn’t go too well and I was under-qualified at the time, but it gave me a very intense year of designing/developing sites every day and set me up for my next position.”

    What is your favourite type of project to work on?

    “I prefer projects where I am in full control i.e. ones where I both design the site and then develop it.

    Can developers design websites then?

    I could design a website because I have a background in both design and development, but this isn’t very common. Usually, people concentrate on either design or development rather than both. At Gooey, we are solely a development/coding agency and we provide these services for agencies that mostly do design. This works really well for us and the agencies that we work with as their designers can work really closely with the end client to nail down what they want, and we – being experts in development – can bring those designs to life”

    What’s the difference between frontend and backend?

    “To put it simply, frontend refers to how the site looks and backend refers to how the site functions and fits together.”

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