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    5 Benefits of outsourcing to an agency

    by Kyle Ratchford Agency Partnership Manager

    More than 42% of businesses outsource their marketing, and many marketing agencies outsource further. There are huge benefits to outsourcing to an agency, from saving money to gaining access to a broader skill set. Here are 5 of the top benefits of outsourcing to an agency.

    You’ll be in the hands of experts with a broad range of skills

    Outsourcing to an agency that specialise in the skill that you require for your project(s) connects you with experts in the field and talent that you might not necessarily be able to get in-house. Think of it like going through the hiring process, you narrow the shortlist down to ten candidates that all have relevant skills and experience. Candidate A has specific experience in skill 1 but not in skill 2 and Candidate B is incredible at skill 2 but hasn’t had much practice with skill 1, and so on. You can only hire one of these candidates in-house, but what if I told you you could benefit from all of their skills and experience? That is what you will get if you partner with an agency instead, while still only paying for the project cost.

    You’ll get access to more than just development

    Hiring in-house will limit your resource to that hire’s job role. By partnering with an external agency, you will not only have access to the specific skills you were looking for (e.g. front end development), but you will have access to an entire team. You’ll benefit from project management, account management, QA and testing, all aspects that you would struggle to completely cover by making a single in-house hire.

    You will save on costs

    Hiring in-house is expensive. Add up all of the recruitment fees (if applicable), the training time, the desk space and equipment, and the benefits and you’ll find a huge bill before the first project even begins. When outsourcing, you are only paying project by project so, unless you are going to truly utilise in-house resource consistently throughout the year, then it is far more cost effective to outsource to an agency.

    You will save on time

    Time is of the essence, particularly in fast-paced agencies that rely on bringing in and turning around new contracts from clients. Hiring in-house can take a while, with many notice periods ranging from 1 to 3 months. Booking work in with an external agency is usually fairly quick and can often be started right away, meaning that you won’t have to delay or turn down a project with a client.

    There’s no long-term commitment

    There’s no long-term commitment when outsourcing to an agency which is great when you don’t know if workload demands will stay the same or change. Typically, demands for projects like websites will peak and trough throughout the year and some months will be massively busy while others seem incredibly quiet. While there is no long-term commitment as there is with in-house hires, you can still develop and maintain strong relationships with your outsourcing partner. Many of our clients come to us for repeat projects as we have effectively acted as an extension to their in-house team.

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