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    The basics of outsourcing

    by Iain Thomson Project Lead

    What is outsourcing?

    Outsourcing is when you hire another professional or agency to complete work on behalf of your company instead of doing it all in-house.

    What can I outsource?

    You can theoretically outsource anything, but what you choose to outsource will depend on the demands from your customer base and whether you can meet those demands in-house. In our case, full service and creative agencies that offer web design and emails outsource the development to us.

    How does outsourcing benefit my company?

    Outsourcing gives you the opportunity to continue offering work even if you ate short on resources. Where you might otherwise turn down a job, outsourcing to a reputable agency enables you to take on that business instead of it going to your competition. Outsourcing also enables you to broaden the services that you offer.

    Outsourcing is often a smarter and more cost-efficient choice than increasing your in-house staff, particularly if your workload tends to fluctuate throughout the year.

    Doesn’t outsourcing mean that my work will be done offshore with cheaper labour rates?

    No. While you should be wary of outsourcing to companies offshore that offer suspiciously low rates, not all outsourcing is done offshore. We are based in Manchester, UK and all work that we do is completed by us, in our office, to the highest standard.

    How does outsourcing work?

    Start by scoping out what work would be eligible for outsourcing. Consider the areas where you get demand that you cannot always meet in-house. Once you know this, research companies or freelancers that offer the services that you need (we’d recommend a white label agency over a freelancer – here’s why). Before you ask for a quote, you should scope out exactly what work needs doing, including expectations and any deadlines.

    Check out our tips on how to successfully outsource a project.

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