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    Ask a developer: how did you become a developer?

    by Stacy Parr Finance Manager

    Welcome to our brand new series where we sit down and ask our developers those all important questions…

    Today, I’ve managed to corner 2 of our developers to ask them why they became developers.

    Why did you become a developer?

    Matt: “I started learning to code at the age of 11 because of a massive interest in computers, hardware, the web… things like that. I wanted to be able to work in a team on big projects, and create really interesting and unique things. So, I applied myself and worked my way up to my current position where I actually get to do all of that.”

    Adam: “I have always been interested in computers, and I wanted to learn how to make stuff on them myself, basically.”

    What are the most important qualities for a developer to have?

    Matt: “As a developer, realistically, you need attention to detail. As well as that, the urge to learn more is a great quality to have because it drives to to do more unique things. My everyday job is being a web developer, but outside of work, I dabble in projects in languages that we don’t use at Gooey, or I configure servers for my own projects or for other people. To be a good developer, it’s crucial to have that drive, to want to learn new things, and to go out and do things that interest you. You’ll see your skills and your confidence in the role improve dramatically.”

    Adam: “The three most important qualities I think that any developer should have are being able to think outside the box, tenacity, and troubleshooting. Solving problems as a developer isn’t just about knowing how to code. You need to have that creative attitude and flexible way of thinking so that you can approach the problem in the right way.”

    What do you like about being a developer?

    Matt: “What I love about being a developer is that i don’t have to rely on other people; if I have an idea for a website or a tool, I can just start building it as and when I want. I also love how much learning you get to do on the job. At Gooey, we get to work on hundreds of different types of websites that all offer a unique challenge. Any day could be a chance to learn something new with one of our projects and I’ll often find myself with the opportunity to do something insanely creative and different.”

    Adam: “My favourite thing about being a developer is that we are creators. I am challenged to think creatively and I am actually building things myself. It’s amazing to actually see the products of your efforts.”

    What advice would give someone looking to become a developer and break into the industry?

    Matt: “Get stuck in and teach yourself at home. Practice building websites and applications, and then reach out to agencies and tell them why you think you’ll be a good fit.”

    Got a question for our developers that you would like featured? Email me and I’ll see what I can do…

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