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    4 tools to help you manage multiple client websites

    by Billy Sunderland Partnership Executive

    Managing websites for multiple clients can be a handful, but fortunately, there are a bunch of tools and plugins that can help you.


    Jetpack is a WordPress plugin that allows you to manage multiple WordPress sites from a single dashboard.

    You’ll need a account for Jetpack as you will be using to manage your sites (if you aren’t sure what the difference between and – check out the difference here!)

    There is a free version of Jetpack that enables you to manage WordPress plugins and core updates across all of your websites, but the paid version gives you more features including automatic backups and security fixes.


    This plugin offers capability to manage multiple websites from a centralised panel including making updates and managing security settings. IControlWP integrates with Google Analytics so that you can collect visitor statistics and focus on improving your website’s performance and content.


    InfiniteWP is a great tool for agencies, and it is called ‘infinite’ for a reason – you can manage unlimited websites on it, for free. The free version allows you to manage WordPress themes, plugins, and core updates and create backups. They also offer a premium plan which includes remote storage for backups, malware scans, client reports, checking for broken links, managing comments, publishing posts and pages… basically everything that you need.

    It works via plugins rather than an online dashboard like Jetpack. You can install the management tool onto your own site, and then install the client plugin to all sites that you want to manage (this connects the client websites to your admin panel). There is a white-label option for the plugin so that clients will see your branding on the plugin instead of InfiniteWP.


    ManageWP allows you to manage multiple WordPress sites from one dashboard. After installing the ‘Worker’ plugin to each site that you want to manage, you will be able to make updates for any WordPress themes, plugins, and core files from the dashboard.

    These functions are free for unlimited sites, but there are additional features that you can get by upgrading to the paid version, including real-time backups, automated security scans, client reports, SEO ranking, content management and more.

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