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    7 amazing Magento sites that show just how versatile it is

    by Stacy Parr Finance Manager

    Magento was made for the purpose of building online stores, and is the most suitable option if you are looking to sell a large number of physical products online. It is customisable and versatile and, for these reasons it is the world’s leading eCommerce platform. Plenty of household names have chosen to build their online shops using Magento – here’s just a few great examples.


    1. Paul Smith

    User experience is a priority for Paul Smith, creating a simple navigation and fast checkout to make it easy for visitors to convert into customers. The goal with this site was to make it more mobile friendly, and increase conversions using PayPal Express Checkout.

    2. Paperchase

    Eye-catching and creative, reflecting its brand identity just like the physical Paperchase stores. Each page is designed to inspire shoppers and aid product selection, with additional features including a reminder calendar for customers to set reminders to buy cards and gifts for special occasions. The site was a response to increasing consumer demands for mobile shopping and therefore ensure efficient online shopping experiences regardless of what device they are using.



    3. Intelligentsia

    A coffee retailer that sell direct to consumer through their website as well as distributing to restaurants and coffee shops across the US. Their main goal was to create a website that would unify their B2B and B2C business, be optimised for mobile, and integrate seamlessly with other systems. The resulting website makes it easy for customers to add products to their cart and order, placing the user experience into focus. Intelligentsia has a complex catalogue of products and using Magento to build the website made it easier to configure product options.

    4. Absolut

    The vodka brand wanted to create a platform for curators, artists, and collectors as well as an online shop. Prioritising high-quality visuals and wanted the website itself to be a form of art while also enabling users to interact in a fun way

    5. Graze

    Graze wanted to expand beyond their limited subscription service and build an online shop as well to encourage consumers that would be put off ordering a subscription before trying the products. Magento enabled Graze to test the project without risking their core business. #Graze used the responsive luma theme for their online shop

    6. Missguided

    Missguided is a huge business, and the website receives approximately 3.5 million visits per month, and has to cope with pretty much continuous transactions. This was combated by introducing a load-balancing database to reduce risk of service failure. The achieved site is flexible and enables the retailer to scale in line with demand.

    7. Christian Louboutin

    The Christian Louboutin store focuses on product, with a header slider to rotate various feature images that display key products as works of art. The site is large, with tabs separating out the women’s, men’s and beauty shop.