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    Trouble deciding what CSS to use in HTML email?

    by Lewis Reeves QA & Testing

    HTML emails can be stressful enough without dealing with do’s and dont’s, what works with IOS and what works with Google.

    There are hundreds of tips you can find about what works best with with HTML emails regarding CSS, that go from keeping your code simple, to using inline CSS, but one we have found most helpful is The Ultimate Guide to CSS. You can simply sieve through elements you want to implement into you CSS, and it will list all the information you need on what works with desktop, mobile, webmail and also different email servers.

    Its a handy tool to have, a definite bookmarker!

    If you are having trouble with HTML emails, or just simply have a query about this post, don’t hesitate to contact us on either or call us on 0161 398 0303 we would love to help.