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    Magento2 and its CMS (using WordPress)

    by James Holloway Partnership Director

    Magento2 is a great e-commerce system and we love it, but what we don’t love is its CMS system – compared to WordPress it has a lot to be desired. To be fair, however, Magento does what it does best – e-commerce, the CMS is secondary.

    Obviously, you can make custom widgets (I will post another article with an example custom widget extension) and static blocks but we like to use WordPress for our client’s CMS needs, integrating the two systems using Fishpig’s WordPress Integration which is free:

    We then use the below premium Fishpig extensions:

    Root extension (

    This enables us to have all pages created in WordPress as root pages, so if we create an about-us page, instead of being i.e., it will be /about-us. This extension renders the page’s content via Magento, so it is all-encompassing and truly ‘integrated’.

    ACF extension (

    This enables us to use WordPress’s Advanced Custom Fields in Magento2. We like to use this, as with ACF we can build ‘Page Builders’ using it’s Flexible Content – so the client can then build their pages using a pre-defined set of ACF blocks, as they would on a general WordPress site.

    An example of this page builder is below:

    You can download this here (in the Magento2 structure).

    Our clients and their clients love this functionality and the ease of building pages, without having to use i.e. static blocks of HTML that Magento users are accustomed to.

    If you would like further info drop me a call or an email and I can send you examples and code examples.