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    Google Analytics for WordPress

    by Billy Sunderland Partnership Executive

    Google Analytics is a must-have tool on WordPress to monitor traffic on your website. It has cool functions like live feed, behaviour flow, types of sources e.g organic, paid, social etc. You can even track conversions and what your clients are interested in. The more you delve into Google Analytics the more it webs off into different aspects of the tool, and you can literally monitor anything, set yourself goals and compare statistics from previous years.

    If you can think it, Google Analytics can do it.

    You can install Google Analytics via plug in onto your WordPress, we recommend you do it this way just to avoid future errors.  Alternatively, you can insert the code directly into your theme files but this will be undone if you choose a different theme or update an original theme.


    If you need any help setting up Google Analytics, or have any questions about this post please don’t hesitate and get in touch via email at [email protected] or call us on 0161 398 0303. We’d love to help.