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    What Remote Working Means For Your Email Marketing Strategy

    by Iain Thomson Project Lead

    You can’t have spent much time on LinkedIn or business blogs without someone who used to run a traditional office setup telling you about the benefits of remote working, now they’ve been forced into it. The Covid-19 crisis of 2020 has made many a company re-think the way they handle staffing and office space – so now they’re all experts!

    What has been interesting is seeing how companies have slid so seamlessly into remote working that they are now considering sticking with it after the crisis is over. Some have noticed that productivity actually goes up when staff aren’t in the office. Employees are focusing on their work rather than office politics and those infamous morning-long meetings, but work-life balance, no commuting and more relaxed hours probably play a part in it too.

    Remote working works!

    The real story is how easily and seamlessly most office-based tasks have been moved to remote locations, in this case the employees’ homes. Proximity to other employees has been seen as essential for productivity, but it has proved to be more of a case of sticking to tradition rather than being the optimum way of working.

    Think about it: when offices first came into being, there were no phones, fax machines or internet. Keeping staff together was the most efficient way of distributing and overseeing clerical and technical work. But as these communications technologies came into being, the office stubbornly stuck around, because that was “how it has always been done”. By that rationale, we should all be living in caves, but thankfully humans thrive when they change for the better.

    It works for outsourced tasks too

    Remote working doesn’t necessarily involve your own employees. If you have a partner that you trust to do your work for you, the process can be seamless and painless. It means you can pick skills off the shelf – you don’t have to hire full-time or even part-time staff to fulfil tasks that land on your desk at irregular intervals. 

    Companies that use Gooey, for example, often comment that things went a lot more smoothly that they could ever have imagined – just like the business owners found out when they started allowing their staff to work from home in 2020.

    Working in close proximity with a team is often essential and has many benefits. Nobody’s saying otherwise. Most businesses that are planning to expand their remote working are keeping an office as a base camp, a place to meet clients and somewhere for the beer fridge. But the increasing realisation that there are many tasks that can be entrusted to remote workers is firing imaginations and leading companies to more streamlined and efficient futures.

    Email marketing is no exception

    Email marketing has often been seen as one of those tasks that simply must be done in-house. We’ve shown many companies that it doesn’t have to be the case. What we have to offer is expertise, focus and a close eye on an ever-changing marketplace.

    We’ve coded many companies’ email marketing campaigns – even digital marketing agencies outsource to us and we complete the work discreetly and confidentially to a high standard. If you’re running an email marketing campaign, whether it’s for your own company or your client’s, have a look at what we can bring to the table.