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Gulp boilerplate

by Andrew Tebbott Developer

Just a quick post to demo our bare-bones default Gulp boilerplate – we keep getting asked for it, so here it is with a quick explanation:

  • Gulp SASS (for our SASS)
  • Clean CSS (this minifies the CSS was generated)
  • Image Min (to minify the images)
  • Concat (to concatenate the JS)
  • Uglify (to compress the JS)
  • HTML Min (minifies the HTML – useful for HTML builds)
  • Watch (watches all files and actions the above when a change is detected)

Note this is just a bare-bones version, if we are working in things like i.e. ES6 we then need other libraries such as Babel.

Download it here.

If you would like further info drop me a call on 0161 237 3114 or an email ( and I can send you some more code examples.