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    Adding an accessibility widget to your website

    by Kishan Kotecha Partnership Manager

    Ensuring your site is accessible can have a big impact on user experience. Accessibility widgets cater to individuals with visual impairments, dyslexia, color blindness, and other conditions that can make standard web browsing challenging. By providing options to modify text size, change color schemes, and adjust contrast, these widgets ensure that your content is readable and navigable for all users.

    Most are subscription based, we have made a basic one which can be added to your website quickly without the need for a subscription, see an example here on a test page:

    So on our tool users can:

    • Change the text size
    • Toggle the colours between colour and greyscale
    • Turn on high-contrast colours
    • Toggle the colours between colour and serpia

    If you would like us to add this tool to your website, drop us a line 🙂