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    Guide to assessing global developer resource

    by James Holloway Agency Partnership Director

    When you’re looking for an outsourced developer or team of developers, it can be all too easy to go for an option that on initial glance looks like a cheap and cost effective solution. However it’s worth taking a closer look at any supplier’s full offering and ability to meet your brief to understand whether this is the right option for you.

    In this 4 step guide we take a look at the comparison between a UK based development agency like Gooey and some of our global competitors. Now you may think this is going to be a biased article and yes we rate ourselves highly to do a good job, but really this article is about helping you to make the right decision and understand all aspects of hiring an external developer team.


    Using a non British developer can usually start with the agency looking for a cheap option to aide an increased margin on any digital project. However the clue is the word ‘cheap’ – you want to get value for money and not offer a sub standard digital asset to your client. There are some good options out there but there are also some very bad options that on the face of things look a good price but when it comes to the punch the service delivering can be poor.

    Take a look at our Quarterly price comparison review to see how different regions compare in developer costs – you may be quietly surprised at the level of spend needed to use local resource.


    This is a big one, some projects may be fairly simple to explain but go beyond a simple 1-2 page brochure website and how easily will a foreign developer understand what you’re asking from them? There may be several interactions to get a finished web project finalised and if the developer or team carrying out the build don’t easily understand your requirements and how you’re communicating these, this can prove very annoying and delay the project.

    Confidentiality and Security

    Have you checked how secure the outsourced agencies systems and network security is? Agencies outside of the UK may have less stringent protocols when it comes to security and you want to ensure that any product you deliver to your client is secure and has been worked on in a an extremely secure environment.


    Finally do you have visibility of the quality and assurance process and how well the development work has actually been carried out. Without proven quality assurances how confident can you be that the product you are receiving is good enough to deliver to your client? If you don’t have any Q&A expertise yourself in the agency then you’re relying solely on the outsourced team to deliver a high quality product so you need complete faith in that partner.

    This 4 step guide is designed to help you assess whether you think a foreign developer resource is the right option for you.

    As an established UK development team with over 10 yeas of experience we take great pride in both the service and value we provide to our agency clients. Therefore if you’d like to discuss any current or future digital development projects please get in touch with our client development team either by email or give us a call on: +44 (0)161 398 0303.