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Guide to pricing your web project

by James Holloway Agency Partnership Director

If you’re discussing digital projects with your clients you’ll know that there is never really a one size fits all approach to scoping out and pricing projects. However with over ten years of digital development experience here at Gooey we have a considerable amount of knowledge on what’s involved in any given brief.

So much so that we’ve developed a handy tool to help you price up your project correctly and ensure you’re making good margin off each build. The tool can be found here. Note the cost is our cost, so ensure you add your margin’s on – these are ballpark costs for fully accurate costs please send over the designs and any spec/brief.

How it works

The first step is identifying the type of service you require and need building, choosing from the following;

  • Front end HTML
  • Email Development
  • WordPress website
  • Magento website
  • Hubspot
  • Shopify

As well as the type of service needed the tool will also need to know how many pages are needed and how fast you want it delivered. A standard turnaround takes around 5 working days for 1 page but it can be done quicker for extra cost.

Then we need to look at compatibility, so whether it needs to just work on desktop or be responsive to different device sizes. We’d also need to look at any systems that the site needs to integrate with, be it a marketing automation platform such as Hubspot of Pardot or email systems such as Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor.


From this the tool will be able to predict the cost needed based on the development requirements, the average cost of a standard brochure style website from the hundreds of sites we build yearly is approx £2,000. The tool is a great indicator of what a job will cost but it’s always best to talk through the specific needs from any job over the phone with the Gooey account management team directly.